Independent illustrator and graphic designer since 2015. Currently providing my services to an international and diverse clientele from my studio located in Paris. The mission is to help brands discover their identity, develop their design packaging and express their values through visuals with the assistance of the illustration and editing skills i encompass.

Living in a cosmopolitan environment with a French/Colombian background, inspires me to bring out the beauty in contrast by using rich, vibrant colors and rhythms. My approach is guided by the desire to breathe a dose of poetry and humor into our daily lives.

Each new challenge is an opportunity for me to offer a different and original vision that fit with the needs.


areas of expertise

Artistic direction, Illustration,
Textile pattern design, Packaging design,
Graphic identity, Editorial design


2020     Imprimé | Intimité | Collection de Collectif Blanc, group show, Galerie Uqo, Gatineau (Québec)    
2017-18 Terres Rêvées, group show, La Caféothèque, Paris
2015     Foire Adebabaï du livre et l’image imprimée, Nanterre
2015     Le Soleil Ferme Tard, open doors NRP, Ivry-sur-Seine
2015     Drawing X Anokua, TIU, La Gaitée Lyrique, Paris


2015     Le soleil ferme tard - 60 ex.


2014     Superior Magazine | SUPERIOR DIGITAL Winter, Berlin
2013     FAULT | Issue 14 Sring, London


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