Gaëlle Correa x Charme d'Orient


For the 20 years of the brand, Charme d’Orient asked me to express my vision of the Orient. Through this partnership, they want to show their public that Orient is universal. It is a first step of their communication campaign "And you, what is your Orient?" I had created a world where the flora and fauna come to life. Where characters with curved lines evoke sensuality and relaxation. 
I salute the Gardens of the Orient, known or dreamed since antiquity. Storied, structured, where luxuriant nature reigns, where the water is gushing, senses heightened. To immerses us in a peaceful and contemplative landscape, a cold beauty with earth colors, at dawn. Creation of 3 limited edition packagings : oil, scrub and shea butter. 2018

Gaëlle Correa x Charme d'Orient Gaëlle Correa x Charme d'Orient